Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Irish author soars the US & UK charts with latest book

Irish best-selling author soars the US & UK charts with latest book

Irish Author Sophie Rose Williamson is on cloud 9 after her latest book GYPSY” soared to No 16 in the United states charts recently. The book was the eagerly anticipated sequel to Sophie’s best-seller “here come the girls” which also reached dizzy heights internationally.

The Cork based author who has a strong military background  first came to the public’s attention writing under her real name Valerie O’Brien with “In The Shadow of Men” that tells her story of Irish military life.

When asked how she felt about having chart success so early after the book launch, Sophie said “ I'm really happy GYPSY is doing so well at the moment, turning from combat author to chicklit lady was no easy task, I locked myself away for almost 4 years writing this but readers now know there are more sides to me than meets the eye and I hope they enjoy it”.

GYPSY Synopsis:
There are two types of women in life. On the one side you have the luscious prom queen complete with sleek blonde locks. Mommy brings her to the best most professional hair salons in town. On the other side of the mirror you have the fat dumpling, the little girl who looks in the mirror. She isn't the only one who sees ugly. Wild, unruly hair opens her mouth at the wrong time. 
Twenty years later the girls have grown up. Two rivals, two broken hearts. Emma is wildly sophisticated. Amber on the other hand, cannot face the flashbacks. Suddenly she realizes she cannot face the humiliation of her teenage years. 
Sexy raven haired Ashan slinks back into her life. Call girls and a playboy lifestyle have left a trail of heartbreak in his wake. In Paradise Cove, serious demons and dark secrets begin to stir. Sometimes the hurt is too big to be forgotten. For most of her life, Amber has felt the reject. Right up until Katie her mostly suicidal genius of a best friend comes to her rescue. Katie is artistic, devoted, delicate and kind. She weaves her magic in mysterious ways. But can Katie truly weave Ashan from the arms of the sinister golden tanned long limbed Emma. Eccentric mishaps and deep forgotten pain abounds. 
Underneath all the layers of clothes Katie unveils her master plan. Amber finds out she had another family all along.

GYPSY is available for download from Amazon and Waterstones nationwide.