Thursday, 26 September 2013

Irish rap star’s close encounter with a suicide attempt

 Irish rap star’s close encounter with a suicide attempt 

Lucci Minx is one of Ireland's up and coming rap artists and singer song writer, in July this year while out scouting for a location for her new video in Tallaght, Lucci came across a young man sitting on top of the main Tallaght bridge that spans over the duel carriage and the Dodder River, it looked quite obvious the young man was about to jump off and although other people could see this, they just walked by. Lucci  a young woman of 27yrs herself and although frightened by the sight, decided to stop and at least try to talk this young man also in his 20s,her first though on seeing the young man was "oh lord what have I walked into here “but in her heart she felt that there was a reason God had her there that day, a conversion began between the two young strangers.
Lucci's first question to Tom(we will call him here)was, “are you ok", he replied, “no misses, I am sick of life, all my friends are dead, my family hate me and I have had enough". Lucci spoke for a time with Tom, asking him his name and where he was from, he told her he was from Tallaght and that his parents had split up, Lucci then preceded to ask him did he do drugs and drink, he told her he’s had been off Heroine for months but did take a drink on occasions. Lucci took the brave step of telling him how much his drug addiction must have hurt his family and to try understand how hard it must have been for them.
Lucci asked Tom where was he living now, he replied, nowhere, he sleeps in the fields and or anywhere he can find like that, she suggested he try the hostels in the city but he told her they were too dangerous for him and he would find himself back on Heroine very quickly as its rampant in these places plus there are always fights there, he was frightened and the temptation of drugs would be too strong for him. Tom also told Lucci how one time he had a bad turn on the drugs and died but was brought to life, he was not afraid to die.

As Lucci continued chatting to the stranger, he seemed to relax a little and although shaking herself, Lucci could not bear to witness anyone killing themselves in such a horrible manner, jumping off a very high bridge, much to Lucci's relief, Tom preceded to climb down from the bridge, she gave him 10euros, to buy some food, he thanked her and as she watched him walk away she felt a huge sigh of relief come over her, I asked her would she do it again, she said, defiantly, "believe God puts us in places for a reason and if we can help somebody and save them from doing something bad, then we must take the courage to do so. Lucci was also inspired by her own experience of being attacked by a couple outside a club she was working for in town a few years previous, people walked by and did nothing to help her, it left her feeling very shocked as she was an innocent victim in this case.

Lucci is currently working with four other female Irish Rap artists and is currently releasing a solo song called “Love Hate You”, which releases on iTunes September 23rd, her video won an award for best Video by an independent music fest in Cork, the song can be viewed on YouTube.

Photos: Una Williams Photography