Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Robyn’s Life Party a great show of support

Alli MacDonnell, Robbie Kane, Jo Jordan

Robyn’s Life Party a great show of support

It’s been 7 weeks in the making but the Robyn’s Life Party is finally upon us, fronted by reality television favourite Jo Jordan to raise awareness and funds for the Robyn’s Life Trust. The event has attracted a significant number of famous faces who have offered their time to help out and includes a Celebrity fashion show, an auction for pop icon Rihanna’s guitar, Live entertainment, Live DJ’s and a VIP meet & greet with UK celebs. If you love fashion, a gig goer, or a die-hard clubber, This party is open for everyone to enjoy.

Robyn Smyth is 9 yrs old.  At the age of 3 Robyn was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.  A tumour was found in her chest and head and tests showed that the cancer had already spread to many parts of Robyn's body.  This meant Robyn's cancer was stage 4, this put her survival rate at 20%-30%. Robyn has since endured Chemotherapy, Surgery, Stem cell transplant, Radiotherapy and 6 months on tablets to try to kill any remaining cancer cells. Robyn stayed in remission for 4 and a half years but on the 9th of July 2013 we got the devastating news that Robyn has relapsed. The treatment available in Ireland for children that relapse is very limited but there are cutting edge trial treatments available in hospitals in America and Europe. We are desperately trying to raise funds for these treatments – the treatments there start at €350000 and can end up costing double this or more.
Jo said “it feels like we have been promoting the event for a long time now and can’t wait to open the doors on the night, everyone involved has been so supportive and I cannot thank them enough for everything they have done. We still have a long way to go over the coming week to promote the event and sell more tickets, we can promise anyone who buys a ticket will have the best night of their life and help us towards saving a life. Robyn needs all the help this country can give her and I’m proud to raise awareness for such a great cause.”

Representative of the Robyn’s Life Trust Cathy Dornan who is also Robyn’s auntie said
“I am really thankful to Jo and her team for raising so much awareness for the trust and bringing much needed exposure at a crucial time for Robyn, I think the Life Party is a great idea and was very happy that she wanted to do this for us. Marie Burrows who is also relative and founder of the trust said
“We were very touched that someone like Jo Jordan who is well known in the media was willing to give up her time, unfortunately there has not been many people of Jo’s status that’s been available to help us, we are very pleased and thankful to Jo and her team for everything they are doing for the trust. We hope Jo continues to support us in the future.

The party will be held at Vanilla Nightclub on Morehampton Rd, Donnybrook Dublin on Saturday 21st September, Doors open at 7pm with a champagne reception & show starts at 8pm. Ticket information is on the website as well as the facebook page (Robyn's Life Party).

Published: RSVP Magazine 20.09.2013
Photos: Una Williams